Talent Submission


The Finest and Most Generous Voice Actors and Singers!

Children’s Holiday Magic Project is now accepting submissions for the 17th edition CD of “Holiday Magic, A Gift for Children of all Ages.”

A holiday radio show style recording to brighten the holidays of the children and their siblings at Children’s Hospitals.

CD’s will be distributed in December 2019.


About the Audience!

Please remember the primary audience. Most of the children who will receive this CD are ages 4 to 12, while some will be teenagers. This is a wide range of children, so the CD will need to provide a variety of entertainment. Children have a short attention span, which can be even shorter with the distractions and emotional stress of being in the hospital. Consider songs and tales that are upbeat, easy to follow and understand. While creativity is important, entries that are traditional in nature are also welcome as a source of familiarity.

Moral and educational stories that stretch the imagination and bring hope, fun and joy, will also make a difference.


  • Submit a song, story, riddle or rhyme, anything that welcomes Holiday time!
  • Make it less than four minutes.
  • It doesn’t have to be original as long as it is in the Public Domain…although original is great! All songs and stories submitted are deemed permission granted and available for use on the Children’s Holiday Magic Project CD.
  • Writers are welcome to submit their stories for us to get produced by a Professional Voice Talent.
  • Send it on CD, or e-mail a wav, aif or MP3 file.
  • Character voices are encouraged; however, we already have Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.
  • All entries must be complete and fully recorded for use.
  • Our 2019 Jeffery the surfer reindeer and Santa storyline theme this year is…JOY!
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Interested in writing a story for the “Jeffery the surfer reindeer and Santa 2019 Tale?

  • Writers are welcome to submit their stories and possibly be chosen for us to get produced by  Professional Voice Talents. (deadline for story writers is March 31st, 2019)

Send to

Children’s Holiday Magic Project, Inc.,  P.O. Box 3386,  San Diego, CA 92163 or Jeff@HolidayMagicCD.org

The top submissions will be selected based on creativity, generosity and theme, and will receive artist exposure, be included on the CD with acknowledgments, receive a copy of the recording, and receive the “GelderHead Award of Excellence for Creativity and Generosity!”


  • Extended to September 10th, 2019.     Thank you! Our 2019 goal is to distribute 12,000 plus CD Fun Packs with activity/coloring books.  (We did nearly 10,000 in 2018!) Help us bring a smile to a child’s face.


Send an e-mail to info@HolidayMagicCD.org (preferred) or call GelderHead Audio Productions at: (619) 795-1740.

Thank You!

Holiday Magic 2018 was a huge success with great talent, and nearly 10,000 copies went to 70 hospitals internationally, including Children’s Hospitals in San Diego, Orange County, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, Delaware,  Albuquerque, Oakland, Palo Alto, St. Louis, Rhode Island, Omaha, Singapore, London  and more, for the children spending their holidays in the hospital, and their siblings.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions!  And if you were featured on one of the last 16 recordings, we hope you’ll consider submitting again this year.

Get Your Company Involved:

Every year at this time we at Children’s Holiday Magic Project begin to look for talent for the new CD to be recorded in November for distribution in December.

One of the ideas we have to reach out to new talent for the CD is to work within an organization where we can help to create a mini talent search/competition to find the best musical submission from the Folks at an organization to be on the 2019 edition of Children’s Holiday Magic CD, a gift for Children of All Ages. Every organization may well have some budding musical talent that would love to get published on our CD.  If you know of one please contact info@HolidayMagicCD.org for more details.