Look Who’s on the 2016 Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages CD!


Congratulations to all of those talent on the Track list below who have been selected to be on the Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages 2016 CD to bring smiles to the kids at Children’s Hospitals worldwide!!! Our goal is to delivery 10,000 CD’s!

The submissions were incredible and the selection process vary difficult. Our utmost gratitude to all who submitted a song or story and we truly hope you will submit again next year!

This Years Jeffery the Surfer Reindeer & Santa Tale is titled:
“The Magic Wish!” Written by: Bill Kiesel
And, the theme is “Believe!”

Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages 2016 CD
Track List

01 The Gift of Christmas – Irene Peet
02 SCENE 1 – The Attic Clean Up Crew
03 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Traditional, Anita Thomas, clarinets, arranger
04 The Wings of Imagination – Brian Haymond
05 * Believe – Seth Hartman, Beth Wernick, Meredith Chapman
06 SCENE 2 – What was Found in the Attic!
07 Douce Nuit, It’s Silent Night – Fawn
08 Jingle Bells – Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts
09 SCENE 3 – Elfin Snow Globe Folklore
10 Believe – Lele Rose
11 Butterscotch Christmas – Glenn Hascall, Chloe Dehnart
12 Mi Sheberach – The Kadima Band, Jill Goldman, Bradley Nelson, Lloyd Baron
13 SCENE 4 – The Magic Wish Dream Team
14 * If You Believe in Christmas – Greg Guidry, writer/producer: Chuck Sperry
15 Leaving the Workshop – Dehnart Family
16 My Favorite Part of Christmas – Ashley Fox Linton-Will Collyer
17 SCENE 5 – The Dream Team Plan
18 Believe-Paco – Glenn Ballard & Alan Silvestri. Pocket Songs JTG 382.10
19 Kiwis Christmas Tale – Pearl Hewitt – Produced by: Tim Keenan
20 Bear Hug Warning – Karl Anthony
21 SCENE 6 – Christmas Eve Flight Plan
22 You Should Be Just Who You Are – Mari Harris: Composer, Arranger, Pianist,Vocals
23 Thunder Paws – James Alburger – Charlene Fontaine
24 Campana Sobre Campana – Carlos de Alba
25 SCENE 7 – The Magic Wish Comes True
26 * Christmas Is Here – Michael Kisur
27 A-Starry-Night – Yvonne Karlin- Produced by: Tim Keenan
28 SCENE 8 – Glennie’s Surprise!

*courtesy of Imaginary Friends Music Partners