The first CD was produced in 2003, when professional voice actor and Albuquerque native Jeff Gelder was tasked in a Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership class to come up with a project that would enhance the community and ultimately take on a life of its own. That’s just what has happened, as Gelder now fields many inquiries about the CD all year long. In 2016 we distributed nearly 11,000 CDs to 71 hospitals in 3 countries! 





Sunday – December 10, 2017

An Evening Of Holiday Magic
Help bring the gift of songs and stories to hospitalized children worldwide this holiday season. Join the gala fundraiser and celebration of the talent on the  15th edition of the Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages CD.



Talent Submission

The Finest and Most Generous Voice Actors and Singers!

Children’s Holiday Magic Project is no longer accepting submissions for the 15th edition of “Holiday Magic, A Gift for Children of all Ages.” Please click below for more details to submit next year.

And, please consider making a donation to help us bring smiles to as many hospitalized children as possible.